Lighthouse Chapel International

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Lighthouse Chapel International is a Charismatic church that was founded by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in Ghana, West Africa in 1985 under the name Korle-Bu Christian Centre; it was changed to the current name in 1987. Their mission is: to build 25,000 churches, to have Churches in 150 countries, to fight fiercely and relentlessly in all battles for the advancement of the churches and the Gospel, to produce radical Christians who work for God, to go to heaven and to hear Jesus say - "Well done, good and faithful servant". Its headquarters, the Qodesh, is located in Accra, Ghana. Bishop Heward-Mills is also a renowned evangelist who has taken the gospel to may remote locations in Africa through his Healing Jesus Campaign. He is also the author of 30 books, including the bestseller Loyalty and Disloyalty; there are currently 6 million books in print in 8 languages. The church has a humanitarian charity, Help the Helpless, which seeks to help the blind, prisoners, the poor, the sick, and widows. It also has an orphanage, The Lighthouse Christian Home, and a primary school, The Lighthouse Christian Mission School, both of which are under the management of his wife, Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills. The church also has Anagkazo Bible School, which trains people for the ministry. Lighthouse Chapel International has over 1200 branches in 61 countries worldwide. It is fast becoming one of the biggest denominations in the world.

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