Church of Pentecost is a Pentecostal church originating from Ghana. It’s beginnings are linked to the ministry of Pastor James McKeown, an Irish missionary sent by the Apostolic church, Bradford, UK to the then Gold Coast (now Ghana) in 1937 to help a group of believers of the Apostolic Faith in Asamankese. It’s mission statement is to: to bring all people everywhere to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the gospel, the planting of churches and the equipping of believers for every God-glorifying service, and to demonstrates the love of God through the provision of social services in partnership with governments, communities and other like-minded organizations. It has a social wing called Pentecost Social Services (PENTOS) that gives back to society. It has about 2.1 million members in 1,400 churches in 57 countries worldwide